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The best way to discover a new band is by word of mouth. These are your words, band reviews by the fans. Scroll through and learn all about the bands that are out there...good, bad or otherwise! Bands are graded and reviews are written to try to give you the best information to give you the tools you need to not let the bands you might like get past you.

Burn the Harlot  

Date:  June 17, 2017 

Venue:  Ozone Lounge 

Location:  Albany, GA 



Kyle Strickland-lead vocals/guitar 

Carl Anthony- lead guitar /b.v 

J.D. Kirkland- bass/b.v. 

Brett (Fetty) Rushing- Drums 

    Burn the Harlot brought in an Alabama “Roll Tide” flair into the Ozone Lounge on Saturday evening.  The band originates from Alabama with a unique melodic sound that incorporates the remnants of Asking Alexandria.  The guitar riffs are hard and loud, the lyrics are eloquent and sometimes heart wrenching; a very catching sound that makes the crowd move to the front of the stage. 

    Burn the Harlot is made up of four members who have like-minded constructions when it comes to writing and playing music.   Kyle Strickland is the front man, he holds the mic and belts out the lyrics.  Backing him up is Carl Anthony on lead guitar and also J.D. Kirkland on the bass guitar.  Brett Rushing sits on the throne behind the drum kit.   

You can find the band’s promotional compilation video on YouTube: 

They are gearing up to book more shows and they are getting ready to drop their album entitled “Lost Heart and Broken Soul”.  


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Auditory Armory 

Date:  July 1, 2017 

Venue: Venom’s Back Room 

Location:  New Port Richey, FL 




April Rose - Vocals, Guitar 

Oscar Garcia - Drums 

Dennis Burns - Guitar 

Justice Maynard - Bass 

    Auditory Armory, a female fronted band from Altamonte, Florida.  The idea came about from April Rose as a solo project that eventually lead to a full band in 2011.  They bring a sound to their audiences that captivates them through melodic and heartfelt lyrics, with an intertwined metal and progressive rock and roll sound.   

    Fronted by April Rose with vocals and guitar, she’s backed by Dennis Burns on guitar, Justice Maynard provides the bass chords while Oscar Garcia is on the drums.  While the band brings an indefinable music to their audiences, they are highly influenced by genres such as progressive, jazz, metal, alternative, thrash, and new age. 

    Found on Auditory Armory’s facebook page April Rose was quoted to say:  "I didn't want to be limited to just being an acoustic act…They help me realize even more the potential of my songs," says April. April also hopes to touch on a personal nerve with her listeners: "I want to be honest with my lyrics. Some might say my music is dark, but a lot of people are hurting right now. Music saved my life; I want to do that for others." 

Find their Facebook page here:

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Kiss the Curse  

Date:  June 24, 2017 

Venue:  The Blind Tiger 

Location:  Greensboro, NC 




Alyse Zavala- Lead Vocals, 

Wade Harris- Guitar, 

Nik Sawyer- Guitar, 

Jeremy Porterfield- Bass, 

Patrick Carlton- Drums 

    Kiss the Curse is a band from Raleigh North Carolina formed in December of 2014 with full, and well met, intentions of forming their own sound of modern and progressive rock.  The aggressive metal styled drum sound from Patrick Carlton, with rhythmic bass lines stemming from Jeremy Porterfield, and rocking guitar riffs fueled by Nik Sawyer and Wade Harris fill the air amidst the heartfelt original lyrics belted out from Alyse Zavala.   

    The band has an uncanny appeal to audiences of all varieties and their live performances are nothing short of high energy and over the top with enthusiasm for reaching out to the audience.  As a result, they have been able to play alongside bands such as Adelitas Way, New Years Day, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, A Skylit Drive and many more.   

    Kiss the Curse released their EP “A Shot in the Dark” in 2015 along with their music video for “Roulette”.  On September 30, 2016, they released their new EP “Woes and Reasons”.  The most recent EP was recorded and produced by James Paul Wisner, a Multiple Gold Record Producer.  Their most recent release has been a video for “Spare Me” on January 5, 2017. 


Watch the video for “Spare Me” here:

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