Auditory Armory

Date:  July 1, 2017 

Venue: Venom’s Back Room 

Location:  New Port Richey, FL 




April Rose - Vocals, Guitar 

Oscar Garcia - Drums 

Dennis Burns - Guitar 

Justice Maynard - Bass 

    Auditory Armory, a female fronted band from Altamonte, Florida.  The idea came about from April Rose as a solo project that eventually lead to a full band in 2011.  They bring a sound to their audiences that captivates them through melodic and heartfelt lyrics, with an intertwined metal and progressive rock and roll sound.   

    Fronted by April Rose with vocals and guitar, she’s backed by Dennis Burns on guitar, Justice Maynard provides the bass chords while Oscar Garcia is on the drums.  While the band brings an indefinable music to their audiences, they are highly influenced by genres such as progressive, jazz, metal, alternative, thrash, and new age. 

    Found on Auditory Armory’s facebook page April Rose was quoted to say:  "I didn't want to be limited to just being an acoustic act…They help me realize even more the potential of my songs," says April. April also hopes to touch on a personal nerve with her listeners: "I want to be honest with my lyrics. Some might say my music is dark, but a lot of people are hurting right now. Music saved my life; I want to do that for others." 

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